Monday, June 22, 2015

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera: Non-Technical Review, Sample Video

Xiaomi Yi Action Camera: Non-Technical Review, Sample Video and Why I Bought Xiaomi and not GoPro.

A quick word about this post - this is a super non-technical review of the Xiaomi camera filled with personal feedback from a very casual consumer. There are several really technical articles available via a quick Google search detailing all of the differences and specifications of Xiaomi Yi Action Camera and competitors; this is not one of those. Additionally, I don't intend to bash on GoPro or Xiaomi Yi in any way – while I think the 2 cameras are marketed in the same “action cam” category, they are worlds apart in quality, purpose, functionality and their features and are in fact completely different products that should not even be compared side by side (although I am doing just that...) The Xiaomi Yi action camera (for me) is like a Honda Civic and a GoPro being a high-end Mercedes. They both get you from point A to point B to good video very well, but one is going to have way more technology and features that you are paying for.